Who we are

About the company

The company provides support and enhancements to the Moses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) toolkit for commercial users.

The company has been set up as UK-based non-profit organization under a provisional name ‘The Moses Machine Translation Community Interest Company’ (Company number 09842597).

By using a non-profit organization, we will not need to return value to shareholders. Instead, we will be able to attract skilled and experienced staff with compensation and benefits in line with major software companies, while minimizing the cost to members. A non-profit organization will also be more transparent and in line with the open-source objectives of the Moses project.

Management team

Dr Hoang is the executive office of the company. He started the Moses project while studying for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh and continues to be a major contributor and maintainer of the system. He is currently working on making Moses faster and scalable on multi-processor servers for a major organisation.

In addition, we are creating an advisory board consisting of all stakeholders from the Moses community. The company will work with the advisory board to discuss directions in the best interest of the community.

Proposed Work Agenda

Shrink-wrapped solutions

Binary distribution will be the main Moses download method, providing cross-platform, optimized code for users to download nightly as well as for official releases.

Cloud-based solutions

Using cloud-based services could dramatically lower the hardware and maintenance cost for many users. To support MT users in moving to the cloud, we will support cloud services such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.


The Moses decoder will be refactored to optimize for multithreaded operation. We shall also optimize decoding to run on high performance, dedicated co-processors such as Intel Xeon Phi.

Cleaner code

We shall develop a coherent interface for all Moses programs and scripts to allow easier usage by developers building upon the toolkit and will work with the community to ensure that the interface is adhered to.

Distributed architecture

We intend to re-support and expand the use of distributed architectures and enable Moses to use a variety of grid engines, and multi-server, load-balancing architectures.

Legal protection

With the consent of the community, we shall work with organisations such as the Free Software Foundation or the Linux Foundation, placing Moses under their legal protection. We'll then implement any changes to our working practices that will reinforce the legal protection Moses receives

Membership information

We offer 2 annual membership subscriptions, Standard and Premium

Set the priorities of the company with regards to adding enhancements & bug fixes to the Moses softwareYesYes
Attend quarterly conference callsYesYes
Invited to user conferencesYesYes
Priority access to bug fixes and enhancements before public community releaseYesYes
Telephone supportYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Remote computer assistanceYesYes
Assigned principal developerYesYes
Principal Developer available for up to two weeks a year on-site order to discuss and work on specific issuesNo Yes
Enhanced voting rights when setting work priorities for the company.NoYes


The Moses Machine Translation CIC
15 Deauville Court
Elms Crescent

email: info@moses-smt.org